My Greek tools


Hi friend,

I’m trying to get better at talking about Greek in Greek.

These are some of my favorite tools.

The first is Dionysios Thrax’s grammar with Alpheios Reading tools and English translation as a diglot.

This is where I’m learning which words to use and how to use them. The English diglot makes it easy to find word’s I want to learn using the Find feature of my browser.

When I find a word but aren’t sure what it should look like in a different inflected form, the paradigm tool is useful

If there’s a word I want but it’s not in Thrax, then the lexicon gloss search tool comes in handy.

It includes glosses from LSJ, Abbott-Smith, Woodhouse, and even the vocabulary section from Rouse’s A Greek Boy at Home. This means it can do Greek → English, and English → Greek.