A Mind for Language

Jan 17, 2020

Translators' work -- a poem

I've been reading Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson and it's got me thinking about poetry. I started reading some and now I've written some. I wrote it in Greek first and then wrote the English version. My profoundest apologies to Homer and the Greek greats for abusing their language :-).

ἔργον τῶν ἑμηνευόντων

σπέρματα μετατίθημι μεγάλα
ἀπ' ἀγρου εἰς ἄγραν.
φύτα αὑξήσουσιν.
οὑδέποτε ἴσως βλέψω;
βλέψουσιν ἴσως τὰ τέκνα σου;

Translators' work

I move seeds, big ones,
from one field to another.
Plants will grow.
Maybe I'll never see them?
Your kids, maybe they'll see?