A Mind for Language

Feb 21, 2020

Funny story to help remember Greek 3rd declension endings

I wrote this a while back as a funny mnemonic to help remember Greek 3rd (or consonant) declension endings. Enjoy.

Once there was a man named Sydney (ς) who was very fond of Women and felt threatened by other men so that he had his poor dog Neutered so there was No Chance (-) of the dog getting in his way. Sydney and his dog were very fond of devices with Apple OS (-ος, -ος) such that his dog had his own iPhone. They would set together on their iPhones (-ι) watching ET (-ι). One day Sydney had an AHA (-α) moment and realized his life was going Nowhere (-).

So he went to Express (-ες) and bought some new clothes to make himself very Attractive (-α). Now that he Owned (-ων) new clothes he thought it was a Sin (-σιν) to go out in the old ones so he gave them to his neighbor who was an Attractive (-α) Astrologer (-ας).